Painted Turtle Logo - Serious FunThe Painted Turtle’s mission is to provide a year-round, life-changing environment and authentic camp experience for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Delta Zeta supports The Painted Turtle camp as one of its national philanthropies through fundraising, donating items on The Painted Turtle’s wish list, and our collegiate and alumnae members who volunteer their time to the camp, helping the children that it serves.

The Painted Turtle supports children’s medical needs, inspires them to reach beyond their illnesses, and provides care, education, and respite for their families. There is no billing department. All campers and families attend free of charge. The Painted Turtle camp is associated with Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall camps.

Visit The Painted Turtle camp at


Delta Zeta AmΔZing Race Registration Form 2017

Our biggest fundraiser for one of our national partners, The Painted Turtle, is the new and improved, AmΔZing Race. This year’s event will be held on April 9th, 2017.  We are unsure yet which IM fields we will be assigned, but get ready! During the event we hand out snacks and water that are donated by a local supermarket for the competitions.

Each Penn State student organization can register teams of 6 to participate and they will compete in field day type events.

Teams are divided into three categories; “all girls”, “all guys”, and “co-ed” for a bracket competition. A winner is crowned in each category and awarded a trophy and prizes!

Events include: Bean bag toss, football toss, eating contest, wheel barrow race, water balloon toss, egg on a spoon race, sack race, three-legged race and more! To add to the challenge there will be trivia, brain teasers and riddles as well as a physics egg drop competition in the mix!

All teams will participate in the same events to kick off the race and the last place team(s) will be eliminated each round of competition while the remaining teams will advance to the next round of events and so on.  There will be 3-5 events per round of competition and elimination will be based on number of teams entered in the race.

We raised over $3,000.00 last year! Thank you to all participants, alumnae, and parent donors!

Our chapter post the 2nd Annual Turtle Tug
Success! 3rd Annual Painted Turtle Fundraiser 2016!
Taking a break
DZ team of Big-Little pairs
Trying to avoid the Jell-O ...
The champion boys team: Pi Kappa Alpha (the Pikes) 2015
What a great day for Delta Zeta and the Painted Turtle!




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