Delta Zeta’s new member program, Becoming a Delta Zeta, serves as the base for all new members in their journey as a Delta Zeta sister. During this program new members learn the traditions, values, and history of the Sorority while establishing life long bonds with the sisters of the chapter.

Becoming a Delta Zeta centers around the following pillars:

  1. Expectations of Membership
  2. History and Heritage
  3. Scholarship
  4. Service and Philanthropy
  5. Sisterhood
  6. Standards
  7. The Greek World
  8. Being an Active Collegian
  9. Being an Active Alumnae
  10. Lamplighitng and Initiation

The program educates and guides each new member during her transition into Panhellenic life. The program teaches new members the history and traditions of the sorority, while instilling within them a respect and understanding of the core values and beliefs of Delta Zeta. The program promotes member involvement and establishes bonds of sisterhood amongst new members, and the chapter as a whole.

The program uses the pillars listed above to create a holistic education program for all new members. The program spans over a range of topics that aim to establish an understanding of the expectations of membership, a respect for Sorority traditions and values, a knowledge of national and chapter history, a sense of sisterhood belonging, and an opportunity for community and personal growth.

The new member program is available in Enriching U, which is an education forum found on Delta Zeta’s national member website. Enriching U permits for an easy, user-controlled learning experience.

Delta Zeta wants each new member to complete the new member program with a deep understanding of the sorority and the importance of her role within it. Delta Zeta wants each new member to feel welcome to the sisterhood lain before her when she pledged to the sorority, and excited to begin the lifelong journey that will enrich her life.

The Bid List is in!!!
We are READY for our New Members to join us!
AC/DZ ready to rock!
Spring 2018 New Member Class!

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